Film to watch: The lighthouse of the orcas

The orcas are killer whales that are part of the family of dolphins

Netflix is one of the companies to have something to cheer about during this global lockdown on account of the corona virus or Covid-19 pandemic. Despite being the first one off the block, the company had been struggling for several years to increase revenue in line with the growth of OTT streaming content. Competition seemed to have taken a toll. But, in the midst of this lockdown, the number of subscriptions has gone up. Congratulations! Good to know someone is doing well in these difficult times.

I have been watching a lot of movies on Netflix. Most of the movies I selected turned out to be good. Here I am going to write about the best of the lot. Luckily, it’s for a family audience.

The movie is The Lighthouse of the Orcas. It’s a Spanish film. The orcas are killer whales that are part of the family of dolphins. A bit confusing, but I am not a specialist in these quarters. So, you will have to do your own research. All I understood clearly is that they are very good-looking hunters.

The film is about a forest officer Beto (played by Argentine actor Joaquín Furriel) who develops a close relationship with these fantastic beasts of the sea. The close relationship bit may sound good to you and me, but has the forest department of Argentina worried about raising the expectations of tourists who want to get close to the orcas.

This close but also forbidden relationship between man and animal is tested when a woman from Spain brings her autistic son to Patagonia in the hope of helping him come out of his cocoon.

As if the forest officer, the killer whales, the Atlantic Ocean, the Patagonian landscape and the touching story were not enough, the film features a horse that looks like the animal version of Brad Pitt.

Very difficult to go wrong with this film. Have fun!